Green Room

I’ll admit it – I watch a lot of directors when I’m on set lighting, and on this film I got the pleasure of watching Jeremy Saulnier bring his very precise action thriller to life with a solid mind, infectious energy and kind ways – he was one of the most engaged and in-control directors I’ve worked with.  Add to this mix that Sean Porter was at the DP helm, and the lead character wears a bootleg Minor Threat t-shirt, and I was in movie heaven.  Oh, and did I mention that Patrick Stewart came onto set and played a very very evil villain?  Really cannot wait for this movie to come out – lovely people through and through.

And the masses are agreeing with me – the film premiered at Cannes to the sort of fanfare only the delusional dream about, and then went on to be snapped up by A24 to be released next summer. It continues to bounce along the festival route stirring up noise, check out this latest Rolling Stone article: Top 10 Movies at Toronto Film Festival

Or how about this headline: Cannes Goes Crazy for Jeremy Saulnier’s Gruesome Neo-Nazis vs. Punks Horror ‘Green Room’

Or can you even imagine reviews like this? (Like seriously?): Green Room Review [Fantastic Fest 2015]

Amazing. This clip above is the only moving images released so far – it will only get better, trust me. There’s really too much going on with this film for me to keep up, go to the FB page for the latest/greatest:

But all that was the dressing for a gaffer in the movie mines – this show was really about getting a chance to work with the very professional and talented Portland lighting crew, and getting my first chance to run a true studio set with a full-time dimmer operator.  Jason Campbell, my best boy, Chalky the dimmer op, the rigging gaffer Steve Hubert, Steven Purcell,  along with all the stellar electricians and the fantastic key grip Bruce Henderson (so proud to have known him for so many years) and all his grip crew – it was really special to be invited into the family there, and see some of the amazing things possible at the next level up. I felt very spoiled and loved, so far the pinnacle of my gaffing career.

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