Night Moves

After Wildlike, AD genius Chris Carroll led me down to a feature in southern Oregon, where I met two very inspirational people – director Kelly Reichart and DP Chris Blauvelt. Kelly and Chris carefully assembled the pieces needed to make a fetching thriller with an strong moral lesson at the heart of it, and gave a master class in filmmaking that I got to watch in the brief moments between setting lights.

Key grip Garrett Cantrell and I took up the challenge of lighting a movie taking place mostly at night, which included lighting a 1000′ dam and a building two completely original lighting rigs, one to light a boat on a lake at night, the other to light a car interior in a way we’d only dreamed of.   I’m most proud of the car rig – which softly lit the subjects with the bare minimum of light from outside the car – all without a process trailer.





Dam Overview:Cable

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