The Hots – ‘Please Me’

A day in the desert with motorcycles and campfires. Throwback to some classic rock stylings and sentimentalities, and biker movies of the 70’s.

My favorite was finally getting to use some heavy nylon stocking filtration – with the BMPCC, it brings a modern interpretation of a 16mm look, but somehow feels new as well. (You can see the difference in the 8mm footage mixed in the edit)

And with my well-known love of diffusion and zone-plate images, this really pushed the image in a direction I want to chase further.

And many thanks to Nikki and Julie at Giraffe Studios at the directing helm, always a pleasure.

On a personal note, sometimes as a DP you get asked to shoot scenarios that go against your dreams of how the world should be, or that could be viewed as exploitive. In those situations, it comes down to trust.  If you trust those involved, then you must give them freedom to be artists and express themselves genuinely without your own judgement interfering, and I’m glad I did on this shoot. If you don’t trust, don’t do the shoot.

Rather than exploitive, the painted lady scenario ended up coming from a place of empowerment and love, and I thought the band, the directors, and myself worked hard to make sure Foxy and artist Meredith Devine had the freedom to express their dream of woman’s confidence in her body, her confidence in what she wants from life, and her dream of how a couple can express their love.

Judgement can be a poison in the artistic process, and this shoot made me aware of where my own personal judgement barriers lie, and I actually found it invigorating to bump up against them and learn how to handle them carefully. I’m a man learning new tricks every day.

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