Almost Friends

Thanks to a few old friends, and a some new ones, I had the opportunity to shoot […]

Cinematography Reel

A culmination of the narrative work I’ve been lucky enough to shoot. For fresher images, check out the […]

Porsche Experience

While in Singapore, I had the chance to shoot and direct a series of promotional videos for […]

Virtually Innocent

Low-budget tropical noir with S. S. Hassan, a fiercely talented documentary filmmaker that took his first step […]

Singh in the Lion City

Another documentary with Upneet Kaur Nagpal, this one tackling the legends of Sikhs in Singapore, where they […]

Poets on Permits

Absolutely love this heart-felt documentary – all of the subjects were so inspiring to work with, but […]

Bank of China TVC

One of my favorites from my time at C2V, this credit card ad makes it rain cash!

Visa Travel Content

Much of my work at C2V involved ‘payment expressions’ in countries all over Asia – here’s a […]

Social Media Content

Other pieces shot and directed while in Singapore with C2V – brand and corporate social media work. […]

Chasing the Sun

In the middle of an ill-conceived road trip, two long-separated siblings discover they have very different opinions […]

The Challenger

Fight scenes rule.  And getting to shoot one with Bao Tran and Erik LeDrew, fellow directors and […]

Green Room

I’ll admit it – I watch a lot of directors when I’m on set lighting, and on […]

Captain Fantastic

This story is amazing, and the cast came together so lovingly to make it come to life. […]

Lane 1974

S.J. Chiro gave me a wonderful chance to visit a magical place north of San Francisco, and […]

Dirty Laundry

Jessica Martin wrote, directed and starred in this lovely little short about a whip-smart secret operator serving […]


Two travelers search the world for their missing friend, then invoke strange and powerful magic to bring […]

On Story

Writing the Fantastical – A Conversation with David Magee (featuring the short film – The Return) The […]


Lynn Shelton brings together such a lovely family of production people, and with Laggies she finally had […]

Iska Dhaaf – Everybody Knows

Tristan – you’re a superstar to work with, and I love the way this crew brought people […]

The One I Love

Watching this movie being made on set absolutely blew my mind – the talent of everyone involved […]

Lucky Them

My admiration for Megan Griffiths is well known, and her assured and calm handling of this film […]

Hey Marseilles ‘Heartbeats’ Video

Hey Marseilles – Heart Beats (Official Video) Album: Lines We Trace Written & Directed by Hayley Young […]

The Green Room

Crushing, guttural guitar was the Pied Piper that got me though adolescence, so when Cheryl Cowen and Ernie […]

Night Moves

After Wildlike, AD genius Chris Carroll led me down to a feature in southern Oregon, where I […]

City Arts Mention on Shooting JourneyQuest

First off – damn you look good on a cover Megan – so deserved. Second, as part […]


A feature-length independent film shot on location in Alaska during the summer of 2012, with hellaciously talented […]


Stuart Baker cooked up this delightfully detailed narrative about Star Wars nerds in the future – it […]

Touchy Feely

Lynn Shelton.  She works so hard at making it look so easy.  The kind of director that […]

The Return

When a techie college grad gets a job with the maintenance crew of the Seattle Center, they […]

JourneyQuest – Season 2

The riotous and fiercely independent crew over at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment invited me to work with DP […]

Wranglers of Death

This spoof trailer was commissioned by Microsoft for April Fools 2012, but has sinced spawned an effort […]


A fantastic documentary about all the ways people remember and memorialize their pets. I was lucky to […]

Safety Not Guaranteed

A real gem of indie filmmaking, the local Seattle crew threw down all of their talent to […]

While You Weren’t Looking

An epic adventure of pint-sized rebellion about a young daredevil getting loose in a grocery store, this […]


The most gorgeous movie I’ve ever lit.  Hands down.  The trailer just went up on iTunes, and […]

Your Sister’s Sister

Nothing I can say about this film that hasn’t already been said.  The hardest I’ve ever worked, […]

Fat Kid Rules the World

Matt Lillard, you are one of God’s prototypes, can’t thank you enough for bringing this movie to […]


Another Sean Porter joint – such a great partner in crime when it comes to lighting.  All […]

J9 Technologies

Every once in a while you do something that surprises yourself.  No experience in stop motion, and […]

The Catechism Cataclysm

God will F@#$ you up. Todd Rohal will make you like it. For this movie, besides my […]

On The Boards TV

Local Seattle video masters Thinklab brought me along to help shoot, edit and color correct several multi-camera […]

The Off Hours

Such a great combination of a director with emotional vision, and a film community with enough passion […]

Anatomy of a Fly

A Fly Film from Shannon Hart-Reed, I had the chance to light this with DP T.J. Williams […]

Free & Clear – Take a Breather

An example of corporate work with Matt Krzycki from Goodside Studio, one of my favorites to work […]

Expedia Travel@Work

Whimsical commercial piece with DP Christian Hansen and Director Mark Stein.

Kites Over Washington

An Emmy-winning piece from Shannon Hart-Reed.

Microsoft Mysteries of PQO

These short Seattle promotional videos leverage the humor of Pat Cashman from Almost Live to promote the importance of […]

Victory Point

Two men contemplate their lives and service of their country at the end of a nuclear war. […]

How to Enter a Bedroom

Interesting piece shot by Sean Porter that plays as a 27-minute single take, but was actually stitched […]

Grey Linings

A piece I created for a NWFF ‘City Film’ challenge, and shot by Jason Reid.

Night Blind

I lit this Fly Film with DP Adam McDaid, and shot on 35mm. Click below for the […]

The Day My Parents Became Cool

  One of my first chances to light a film, with DP T.J. Williams. It just got […]

A Little Bit Faster

My first attempt at filmmaking, a documentary about an amateur race car driver Beaux Bartron.

Unsung Trailer

The legendary karaoke film Unsung, directed by Matt Daniels, shot by Adam McDaid, and written by Matt […]

Movie Reviews

Periodically, as I binge watch through films for my own pleasure, I write up reviews – definitely […]

Still Photography

These are some of my favorite still images I’ve taken through the years, my take on how […]