Good Morning Singapurah!

Thanks to all the new friends bringing projects my way –  I’m having a blast getting to work with […]

Cinematography Reel

A culmination of the narrative work I’ve been lucky enough to shoot. For fresher images, check out the […]

Chasing the Sun

In the middle of an ill-conceived road trip, two long-separated siblings discover they have very different opinions […]

Holding Patterns

Just fresh off the shoot, so a bit hesitant to post anything more than what’s out there, […]

The Challenger

Fight scenes rule.  And getting to shoot one with Bao Tran and Erik LeDrew, fellow directors and […]

Green Room

I’ll admit it – I watch a lot of directors when I’m on set lighting, and on […]

Captain Fantastic

This story is amazing, and the cast came together so lovingly to make it come to life. […]

Lane 1974

S.J. Chiro gave me a wonderful chance to visit a magical place north of San Francisco, and […]

Dirty Laundry

Jessica Martin wrote, directed and starred in this lovely little short about a whip-smart secret operator serving […]


Two travelers search the world for their missing friend, then invoke strange and powerful magic to bring […]

On Story

Writing the Fantastical – A Conversation with David Magee (featuring the short film – The Return) The […]


Lynn Shelton brings together such a lovely family of production people, and with Laggies she finally had […]

Iska Dhaaf – Everybody Knows

Tristan – you’re a superstar to work with, and I love the way this crew brought people […]

The One I Love

Watching this movie being made on set absolutely blew my mind – the talent of everyone involved […]

Lucky Them

My admiration for Megan Griffiths is well known, and her assured and calm handling of this film […]

Hey Marseilles ‘Heartbeats’ Video

Hey Marseilles – Heart Beats (Official Video) Album: Lines We Trace Written & Directed by Hayley Young […]

The Green Room

Crushing, guttural guitar was the Pied Piper that got me though adolescence, so when Cheryl Cowen and Ernie […]

Night Moves

After Wildlike, AD genius Chris Carroll led me down to a feature in southern Oregon, where I […]

City Arts Mention on Shooting JourneyQuest

First off – damn you look good on a cover Megan – so deserved. Second, as part […]


A feature-length independent film shot on location in Alaska during the summer of 2012, with hellaciously talented […]


Stuart Baker cooked up this delightfully detailed narrative about Star Wars nerds in the future – it […]

Touchy Feely

Lynn Shelton.  She works so hard at making it look so easy.  The kind of director that […]

The Return

When a techie college grad gets a job with the maintenance crew of the Seattle Center, they […]

JourneyQuest – Season 2

The riotous and fiercely independent crew over at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment invited me to work with DP […]

Wranglers of Death

This spoof trailer was commissioned by Microsoft for April Fools 2012, but has sinced spawned an effort […]


A fantastic documentary about all the ways people remember and memorialize their pets. I was lucky to […]

Safety Not Guaranteed

A real gem of indie filmmaking, the local Seattle crew threw down all of their talent to […]

While You Weren’t Looking

An epic adventure of pint-sized rebellion about a young daredevil getting loose in a grocery store, this […]


The most gorgeous movie I’ve ever lit.  Hands down.  The trailer just went up on iTunes, and […]

Your Sister’s Sister

Nothing I can say about this film that hasn’t already been said.  The hardest I’ve ever worked, […]

Fat Kid Rules the World

Matt Lillard, you are one of God’s prototypes, can’t thank you enough for bringing this movie to […]


Another Sean Porter joint – such a great partner in crime when it comes to lighting.  All […]

J9 Technologies

Every once in a while you do something that surprises yourself.  No experience in stop motion, and […]

The Catechism Cataclysm

God will F@#$ you up. Todd Rohal will make you like it. For this movie, besides my […]

On The Boards TV

Local Seattle video masters Thinklab brought me along to help shoot, edit and color correct several multi-camera […]

The Off Hours

Such a great combination of a director with emotional vision, and a film community with enough passion […]

Anatomy of a Fly

A Fly Film from Shannon Hart-Reed, I had the chance to light this with DP T.J. Williams […]

Free & Clear – Take a Breather

An example of corporate work with Matt Krzycki from Goodside Studio, one of my favorites to work […]

Expedia Travel@Work

Whimsical commercial piece with DP Christian Hansen and Director Mark Stein.

Kites Over Washington

An Emmy-winning piece from Shannon Hart-Reed.

Microsoft Mysteries of PQO

These short Seattle promotional videos leverage the humor of Pat Cashman from Almost Live to promote the importance of […]

Victory Point

Two men contemplate their lives and service of their country at the end of a nuclear war. […]

How to Enter a Bedroom

Interesting piece shot by Sean Porter that plays as a 27-minute single take, but was actually stitched […]

Grey Linings

A piece I created for a NWFF ‘City Film’ challenge, and shot by Jason Reid.

Night Blind

I lit this Fly Film with DP Adam McDaid, and shot on 35mm. Click below for the […]

The Day My Parents Became Cool

  One of my first chances to light a film, with DP T.J. Williams. It just got […]

A Little Bit Faster

My first attempt at filmmaking, a documentary about an amateur race car driver Beaux Bartron.

Unsung Trailer

The legendary karaoke film Unsung, directed by Matt Daniels, shot by Adam McDaid, and written by Matt […]

Movie Reviews

Periodically, as I binge watch through films for my own pleasure, I write up reviews – definitely […]

Still Photography

These are some of my favorite still images I’ve taken through the years, my take on how […]