Almost Friends

Thanks to a few old friends, and a some new ones, I had the opportunity to shoot a feature film in Mobile Alabama with an absolutely wonderful cast, my favorite camera assistant, and a camera and lighting crew that really backed me up.  And I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive director than Jake Goldberger, who put his trust and his film in my hands.

I felt like I have been preparing for this experience all my life, and enjoyed it so much, especially pre-production, where so many important decisions get made, and you can really shape the look and feel of the film.

And I learned to trust my instincts when it came to making important decisions on coverage and look, and not to over-analyze – basically, ‘Prepare to Improvise’. Do your homework, chase what you’re after, but keep your eyes open on the set.   Plus, I learned what valuable partners you can find on the set, that are not even in your department, but have a real knowledge of filmmaking, like Mr. Freddie Highmore, who often chatted me up about how to shoot the scenes, and really contributed to the film more than just acting. Very proud of the work everyone did here.

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