Lynn Shelton brings together such a lovely family of production people, and with Laggies she finally had the cast and production behind her to bring a film to full realization, and allow people like me, DP Ben Kasulke and Key Grip Garrett Cantrell the chance to bring this story to the big screen as realized as possible.

There’s so much already said about this film, in Seattle and all around the world.  I second every single positive thing, and add one other: Lynn, thank you for every door you’ve opened, every person you’ve brought closer to me, and most importantly, the enthusiasm you show for film again and again.

(Bonus, here’s a photo of me on a 40′ tall wobbly man-lift, setting a light in the middle of a $7 million Chihuly sculpture for Laggies. I thought twice about every move, but it came off without a hitch!)


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