Lucky Them

My admiration for Megan Griffiths is well known, and her assured and calm handling of this film only increased my respect for her.  And despite tough schedules, big dreams and a lot of pressure, I’m so proud of the work our visual department did on this film.

After seeing it for the first time, I sent this note onto the camera and art department crews:

…having just seen Lucky Them where dreams about contrast, color, movement, and (most importantly) edit came true, I have to say, you all make a killer team, and you make damn fine looking movies.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everybody’s passion and commitment to making a beautiful image, and I’m stupid blessed work with such fine folk, because it doesn’t happen without people like you.  Everybody gave some fantastic performances in technical brilliance, and some top-notch behind-the-scenes work to make it happen on a budget – it all added up to rave reviews from everyone, including yours truly who’s known to have been a serious pain-in-the-ass if it’s not perfect.

To the G&E – baller, hard-ass work went into this, and I know you each did the jobs of two men – without you, this movie would be a dark grey mess with some great ideas behind it.

Those words are only a pale shadow of how I feel about the people that made this film – what a great time and a beautiful final product.



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