Commercial Reel

A sampling of work done while at Click2View in Singapore.  Many thanks to all the hands that […]

Porsche Experience

The Porsche Experience is a verified race school that puts you on the controls of some of […]

Bank of China TVC

One of my favorites from my time at C2V, this credit card ad makes it rain cash!

Visa Travel Content

Much of my work at C2V involved ‘payment expressions’ in countries all over Asia – here’s a […]

Social Media Content

Other pieces shot and directed while in Singapore with C2V – brand and corporate social media work. […]

Chasing the Sun

In the middle of an ill-conceived road trip, two long-separated siblings discover they have very different opinions […]

On Story

Writing the Fantastical – A Conversation with David Magee (featuring the short film – The Return) The […]

The Return

When a techie college grad gets a job with the maintenance crew of the Seattle Center, they […]

While You Weren’t Looking

An epic adventure of pint-sized rebellion about a young daredevil getting loose in a grocery store, this […]

J9 Technologies

Every once in a while you do something that surprises yourself.  No experience in stop motion, and […]

Grey Linings

A piece I created for a NWFF ‘City Film’ challenge, and shot by Jason Reid.

A Little Bit Faster

My first attempt at filmmaking, a documentary about an amateur race car driver Beaux Bartron.

Movie Reviews

Periodically, as I binge watch through films for my own pleasure, I write up reviews – definitely […]